Southern Virginia is the perfect place for advanced manufacturing, data center and technology companies looking to expand their business and establish an east coast presence. Boasting a vibrant pro-business culture, the region offers a well-connected power and state-of-the-art telecommunications infrastructure, low operating costs and taxes, and attractive incentives for establishing operations in the region. Highly accessible, Southern Virginia provides easy access to major airports, highways, railways and the Port of Virginia, a world leading maritime gateway. The region is at the center of the US’s new advanced manufacturing and automotive cluster, providing easy access to potential customers and supply chain. These unmatched combination of assets and opportunities make Southern Virginia the ideal locale for new and established businesses to profit and grow.


Centrally Located

Centrally located approximately halfway between Maine and Florida, Southern Virginia is adjacent to Washington, D.C. and within 400 miles of New York City. Culturally rich and geographically lush, the region includes roughly 32 localities, spans almost 13,000 square miles and is home to nearly one million people.


Innovatively Dedicated

Virginia is a world-class center for emerging Internet technology, software development, fiber optics and advanced communications companies, proudly leading the U.S. with the highest concentration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) jobs and high-tech workers. With a plethora of local community colleges, universities and world-leading trade schools, Southern Virginia is uniquely qualified to offer businesses access to an established and robust local workforce comprised of highly-skilled and highly-trained workers.


Highly Connected

Highly connected, the region boasts a well-established telecoms infrastructure that includes more than 7,000 km of advanced fiber-optic broadband network connects and more than 100 certified GigaParks, already equipped to welcome prospective companies.

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