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Discover what business opportunities Southern Virginia offers for your technology-driven business

Southern Virginia is a strategic location on the border of Virginia and North Carolina, with well-established transportation, power, and fiber infrastructure, low cost of doing business, and progressive workforce training.  Southern Virginia is ready for investment in advanced manufacturing and materials and business process outsourcing, including IT services, business operations, and corporate headquarters. If you are looking for business opportunities in Virginia, Southern Virginia is your ideal location.

Southern Virginia features a high capacity, low latency fiber infrastructure with dark fiber routes available to Northern Virginia.  There are multiple 100+acre sites available with incentives, and direct access to low cost transmission and renewable energy options. And where would your company be without people?  Southern Virginia has a workforce that includes a labor pool that is trained for advanced manufacturing and precision machining on Gene Haas CNC machines.

This just grazes the surface of the positive Virginia business development that is happening in the state and what is waiting for your company in Southern Virginia. Dig deeper to find out why Southern Virginia is prime real estate for advanced manufacturing and business process outsourcing companies looking for an U.S. east coast location.

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