SOVA offers businesses direct access to the Port of Virginia, a world-leading maritime gateway and the third largest port on the East Coast.

Ranking 5th in the U.S. for sheer import/export volume, according to Decartes Datamyne’s 2018 U.S. Ports Report, the Port of Virginia is also one of the busiest, offering direct service to more than 45 countries worldwide. The only East Coast port with Congressional authorization for a 55-foot depth channel, the Port of Virginia easily accommodates large cargo shipments and provides a well-supported infrastructure to streamline the processing of cargo, from loading and unloading ships to container storage to the transportation of goods to and from the Port. Situated 2.5 hours to open sea, the Port of Virginia is typically the first-in, last-out port of call for many of their customers, providing a balanced ratio of container exports to imports.

On land, the Port of Virginia leverages its prime location on the mid-Atlantic and its strong ground transport infrastructure to help clients move cargo quickly and efficiently to and from cargo ships. The Port of Virginia is home to the largest intermodal rail port on the East Coast and offers intermodal rail services to and from 19 inland destinations/origins, providing double-stack rail service both by the Norfolk Southern and CSX. It also provides access to key short haul rail and inland terminals, enabling customers to quickly move goods, saving them time and money. Well-connected to major highways and interstates, the Port of Virginia’s mid-Atlantic location connects through SOVA, is centrally located, and provides access to 75 percent of the U.S. population within a two-day drive.

Proclaimed “Stewards of Tomorrow,” the Port of Virginia and its employees take great pride in their work and in their commitment to their customers, people, and region, working hard to deliver superior service, safe transport, and continuous improvement to keep the Port of Virginia moving forward. Over the next few years, the Port of Virginia will continue expanding and improving its base, concentrating its efforts on building new infrastructure to support growth, and enhancing its system and current infrastructure to increase productivity.