"Southern Virginia is home."

That’s the answer you’ll hear time and time again when you start asking people about why they choose to invest in Southern Virginia. Whether you grew up here, are attending school in the region, or you are a relocating from another state or from another country, Southern Virginia offers a high-quality lifestyle that is comfortable, satisfying, and rewarding. When you invest your time, talents, and resources to grow a business in Southern Virginia, Southern Virginia delivers big returns on your investment.

Cost of Living

Cost of living is relatively low in Southern Virginia, but the quality of life is high – starting with the roof over your head. Housing in Southern Virginia is widely available, affordable, and offers offer a large amount of square footage for a relatively lower cost than crowded metropolitan areas. In Southern Virginia’s vibrant cities and towns, former schools and tobacco warehouses are being converted into luxury loft apartments within walking distance to retail, dining, and other amenities. Spacious single family homes are available for rent or purchase in neighborhoods or in the country. Whatever your preference for living accommodations, Southern Virginia has impressive options from private country homes to suburban single-family mansions to historic bungalows to urban loft apartments.

Community Centered

In large metropolitan areas, it can be easy to get lost in the sea of people and flashy lights. In Southern Virginia, you will know your neighbors, you will collaborate with local officials, and you will truly be part of your community. Whether you are looking for a community of people to help grow your business, to share recreation and hobbies, or to engage in philanthropy, you can find it in Southern Virginia.  The abundance of ways to get involved includes Chambers of Commerce, churches, networking associations, fitness clubs, and volunteer groups.  Like every community in the world, Southern Virginia is not a utopia. What makes Southern Virginia different is the culture of hospitality and progressive efforts to improve the collective quality of life for all. When you invest your time, talents, and resources to grow a business in Southern Virginia, the return goes beyond your success. It extends into the wider community, which appreciates the contributions of businesses to a thriving economy.

Health and Recreation

Health and recreation are important components to maintaining a work-life balance that supports business success. Each community within the Southern Virginia region has access to quality health providers for basic health exams, emergency care, and specialty care. The region is home to fitness facilities with cardio equipment, group classes, and personal training to help keep you healthy. There are diverse options for outdoor recreation including biking, hiking, kayaking, boating, fishing and running.