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Virginia is a world-class center for emerging internet technology, software development, fiber optics, advanced communications companies, and business process outsourcing, making it the ideal home base for businesses looking expand to the East Coast or establish a presence among leading businesses already established in the state.

Considered the “data center capital of the world” by industry experts, it is estimated that 70 percent of the world’s internet traffic runs through Virginia. Given the strong, highly connected infrastructure that exists across the state coupled with Virginia’s commitment to fostering a STEM-focused education system, it is no wonder Virginia continues to lead the nation as one of the most innovative states, ranking second for projected STEM job demands by 2020 according to Forbes 2017 National Ranking of Most Innovative States, and boasts the highest share of technology companies in the country. Each of these features of SOVA creates the perfect atmosphere for BPO or shared service operations.

As more technology businesses flock to the Virginia to leverage the state’s many advantages including its strong technology inclined workforce and competitive costs, the state’s existing clusters also continue to grow, significantly increasing the value of Virginia’s middle market cities and counties outside of major metropolitan hubs, which feature the highly connected infrastructure and tech-driven workforce of the major metropolitan hubs but often at a lower cost.

Situated in the southern part of Virginia and bordering North Carolina, SOVA includes many desirable middle market cities and development-ready counties that serve as attractive options for companies seeking to relocate their shared service operation centers of excellence out of higher-cost areas but still within the high traffic cluster of Virginia and North Carolina’s Research Triangle.

SOVA provides companies seeking a BPO or shared services operation a competitive edge. Like the rest of the state, SOVA offers businesses direct access to a deep, highly qualified workforce, competitively low operational costs, and a strong, highly connected infrastructure, while still in close proximity to the existing BPO and technology clusters in Virginia and the Research Triangle. Well located on the Eastern Seaboard, SOVA is highly accessible by air, land and sea, making it the perfect home base for businesses interested in engaging domestically and in the global market.

SOVA’s IT Corridor, which spans the region and runs alongside U.S. Highway 58, is comprised of a healthy mix of new, growing and well-established technology and technology servicing companies including Microsoft, Faneuil, Sentara, Horizontech and Dish Network. As businesses scout and consider sites to relocate and expand their business, SOVA’s IT Corridor offers numerous locations with a wide variety of BOP service options to meet the individual needs of the business.

Part of Virginia’s strong network of 16 community colleges offering localized customer service representative and sales certification programs, SOVA offers businesses the perfect site and infrastructure to help businesses looking to outsource its services such as customer care, back office operations, staffing and more, thrive.

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